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Vitamin A & E Retinol

The Vitamin A & E Retinol line comprises a wonderful combination of vitamins and moisturizing agents. 

Regular use of Vitamin A & E Retinol line products replenishes the look of your skin.

Topical Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate) is recommended to help build collagen fibres withn the skin, in addition to its exfoliating property.  A lack of Vitamin A can cause skin to become dry and hardened.

Retinol helps to improve the skin's texture, firmness and smoothness. It plats a role in regeneration of skin cells and in anti-aging treatments.

The Retinol in this line is encapsulated, to prevent oxidation. The encapsulated Retinol remain stable, and releases only upon application. This guarantees the Retinol's effectiveness.