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Absolute CARE - Restorative Serums

Innovative EPIGENETIC SKIN CARE with direct effect on human DNA.

 Science has recently learnt about the harmful effects of UV radiation:

  1. It forms non-repairable cells with DNA double-strand breaks, leading to premature aging.
  2. It confuses our genes' internal clock ("circadian rhythm"), which leads to visible effects on the skin such wrinkles, age spots, unbalanced sebum production and dehydration.

 The intensive serums stimulate the natural DNA repair mechanism after UV irradiation. Regular use of the serums reduces the risk of developing chronic photo-damage and acts against UV-induced immune-suppression. The result is a youthful and brighter-looking skin.

 The active ingredients in the serums are:

ChronogenTMhelps boost the expression of clock genes to prevent premature aging

Repair Complex CLRTMA natural protector against UV-induced skin DNA damage